Environmental Science graduate student taking notes in the field

About School for the Environment

A Life of Purpose

The School for the Environment offers a unique opportunity for aspiring environmental leaders to ensure a prosperous and just future for our planet. We bring together smart, committed, and ambitious people from across the world whose interests vary from urban planning to sustainability to marine science to environmental management and everything in between. For our school, it’s not about a job. We’re driven by purpose - looking beyond ourselves to pursue careers that make positive, sustainable contributions to our planet and people.

In Boston, the most dynamic and rich urban coastal region there is, we work within one of the most active environmental communities in the U.S. Our community of scholars and learners includes highly motivated students, pioneering faculty, and actively engaged practitioners all of whom pursue meaningful and impactful careers in a setting designed for innovation. Our students graduate as leaders who ensure a sustainable future for us all by catalyzing discovery, advancing innovation, and inspiring others to action.

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