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Environmental Sciences, PhD

Environmental science is a metadiscipline integrating the natural and social sciences. The School for the Environment is nationally recognized for its preparation of PhD-level environmental professionals whose  research and integrated understanding of human-natural systems advances discovery and innovation in climate change research, sustainability and conservation science, policy analysis and formulation, coupled system modelling, and detection technologies.

What the School Offers to Ensure Your Success

In addition to the significant support provided by the Director and faculty of the environmental sciences PhD program, our Academic Achievement Services Center (AASC@SFE) offers a breadth of programs and activities designed to support you in your journey. Whether you seek additional support for your classes, need assistance in identifying an internship host, seeking information about fellowships or grants, looking for professional development opportunities or gearing up to enter the job market, AASC@SFE is always here for you. AASC@SFE offers support and connections for advising, student support (academic, financial, health), career services and opportunities, connections to internship hosts and employers, and more.

What You Can Take

Current students should refer to the graduate student handbook of the year in which they enrolled in the program.

The PhD in Environmental Sciences is a research-based degree wherein students are expected to generate new and original knowledge in their area of study. 

Learning Objectives for this program can be viewed here.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Program Faculty

Program Contact

Contact Graduate Program Director Juanita Urban-Rich at