student leans out of a boat to collect water sample near UMass Boston.

Marine Science and Technology, PhD

The oceans are part of the thin, outer shell of the Earth and marine science is the study of this envelope, from the deep sea to shallow coastal oceans. These systems are dynamic and vast, containing most of the Earth's water and carbon and surface heat, and much of its biomass. Working like a machine in concert with the atmosphere, continents and ice oceans drive our climate system and support all life on our planet. Our PhD program centers around issues of biological oceanography, marine ecosystems, climate change impacts on the oceans, and marine policy and management.

Application Deadlines:

Deadlines: January 15, October 15 for spring 
Letters of Recommendation: 3
Other: Faculty advisor commitment

What You Can Take

Current students should refer to the PhD student handbook of the year in which they enrolled in the program.

The PhD in marine science and technology is a research-based degree wherein students are expected to generate new and original knowledge in their area of study. 

Learning Objectives for this program can be viewed here.

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