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Study sets stage for more jobs ›

Gloucester Times | February 01, 2019
Gloucester's Economic Development & Industrial Corporation has hired a UMass Boston team headed by urban planning specialist Antonio Raciti to reach out to owners and occupants within the Blackburn and the Kondelin Road industrial parks to take a fresh look at their space and opportunities.

David L. Levy: Baker’s climate plan is an important first step - but more is needed ›

The Boston Globe | January 24, 2019
David L. Levy, academic codirector of the Sustainable Solutions Lab, writes in this opinion piece that there are better ways to protect cities and towns from the impacts of climate change than Governor Charlie Baker's proposal to increase the tax on real estate sales, such as a statewide carbon tax.

Oil Giants Fight Skeptic Rep with ‘Practical’ Fix for CO2 ›

E&E News | January 23, 2019
David L. Levy, director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness, says oil and gas companies are putting money into low carbon technology, but "It's not very much money, say $100 million. Compared to what they spend on oil and gas exploration it's very small potatoes."

Dutch firm leads fish oil-free aquafeed challenge ›

The Fish Site | January 18, 2019
Four contestants have officially joined the race to replace the fish oil used in aquafeeds with fish-free omega-3 alternatives. UMass Boston is one of the cosponsors of the crowdfunded $100,000 prize.