Environmental Studies and Sustainability, BA Career Paths

Environmental and sustainability issues are found in every kind of workplace. As awareness of these issues grows, the need for people with a blend of the humanities, social science, and science knowledge will also grow. Environmental studies and sustainability graduates can expect to find careers as environmental educators and sustainability officers. 

There is a growing need for eloquent voices (in all kinds of media) to communicate environmental sustainability messages. Informing the public about these issues and what they can do about them is a driving force behind the movement. Environmental studies and sustainability graduates are trained to be strong communicator with a passion for their work. Graduates can also work in the conservation or public sector managing or protecting natural resources and in finance and procurement "greening" the supply chain. 

Environmental Studies and Sustainability prepares you for masters and PhD studies in a breadth of disciplines from an MBA to an MS in urban planning to a PhD in marine conservation.