Fish processing at the fish market

Aquaculture Career Paths

After taking online aquaculture classes from UMass Boston, you will have a basic foundation in the field of aquaculture. You could work for a fish farm, oyster farmer, seaweed cultivator, or processor both in the commercial and private sectors.

Work for a Fish Farm

Fish farms hire technicians and general workers to:

  • carry out collection
  • feed
  • monitor stock
  • identify any problems or diseases
  • run the hatchery to provide a consistent inventory to new stock

Fish farms hire scientists to implement strategies that will maintain the healthy growth of fish stocks.

Fish farms hire engineers to be in charge of equipment and machinery such as water pumps, water treatment devices, boats, and upwellers.

Managers oversee everything and deal with budgets and accounting, client meetings and sales, risk assessment, and insurance and policy-related issues.

Other Aquaculture Jobs

You could also work for a regulatory agency working towards maintaining healthy sustainable practices. 

Photo at top of page of fish processing by IGERT Fellow Emily Moothart