Wind turbine overlooking waterway near UMass Boston.

Clean Energy and Sustainability (Minor)

Why Declare a Minor in Environmental Science?

An academic minor are of great value professionally. They are designed to complement or augment your academic studies and demonstrate additional unique skills and competencies in an area of study outside of your major. Completing a minor allows you to stand out among applications for jobs, professional school, and graduate school by showing that you not only possess unique skills but that you have broad interests and that you are an ambitious learner. These traits will distinguish you from students who pursued only their major course of study.

Clean energy is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of the US and global economy. With the goal that these new sources provide sustainable, dependable, and clean fuel for our current and future needs, there is enormous pressure on the industry to thrive and for it to do so while sustainably using natural resources and have a positive impact on the ecosystems on which we depend.

Who Is This Program For?

If you’re interested in how clean energy technology impacts the bottom-line, if you want to understand how policies impact the development and use of clean energy this program is for you.

What Courses Do I Take?

You will complete 6 courses.

Environmental Science Core: ENVSTY 101 Nature of Environmental Problems
Energy Core: PHYSIC 134 Energy for the Future
Environmental Economics Core (choose 1): ENVSCI 345L Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
Environmental Policy Core: ENVSCI 384 Climate and Energy: Law, Policy, and Management
Environmental Management Core: MGT 481 Introduction to Environmental Management and Clean Energy
Environmental Capstone (choose 1): ENVSTY 301 Internship in Environmental Studies, ENVSCI 476 Capstone in Environmental Science, ENVSCI 478 Independent Study

How Do I Declare a Minor in Clean Energy and Sustainability?

Current UMass Boston students interested in declaring the minor in clean energy and sustainability should use the Undergraduate Program Add/Change (Change of Major/Minor/College) on this page

Program Contact

For more information contact our undergraduate programs coordinator Elizabeth Boyle (; 617.287.4756)

Current and prospective students should also visit Academic Achievement Services Center  to learn more about our student success programs, internships, research opportunities, and more.