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Environmental Science (Minor)

Why Declare a Minor in Environmental Science?

An academic minor are of great value professionally. They are designed to complement or augment your academic studies and demonstrate additional unique skills and competencies in an area of study outside of your major. Completing a minor allows you to stand out among applications for jobs, professional school, and graduate school by showing that you not only possess unique skills but that you have broad interests and that you are an ambitious learner. These traits will distinguish you from students who pursued only their major course of study.

Pursuing a minor in environmental science augments not only knowledge gained in the sciences but adds depth to any degree. Environmental issues impact every activity and touch on every discipline. These issues do not recognize disciplinary or geographic boundaries. Connecting the complexities of human-built-natural system interactions the minor in environmental sciences is designed to integrate with any major and add perspective and skills to ensure sustainable and environmentally conscious actions in all walks of life. Since environmental science is the fastest growing workforce in the US with significant new job creation each year in the “green job” sector, a minor in environmental science will catapult you into your future.

Who Is This Program For?

If you’re interested in gaining practical skills that will enhance your major and distinguish you as a leader in environmental stewardship, this minor is for you. 

What Courses Do I Take?

You will complete 6 courses. 

Required Core Courses: ENVSCI 120 Introduction to Environmental Science, ENVSCI 121 Introduction to Environmental Science Lab, ENVSCI 122 Introduction to Environmental Policy and Management
Environmental Electives (choose 2): Students may select from among all ENVSCI 300-level courses.  Note - some courses require additional pre-requisites.
Environmental Capstone (choose 1): ENVSCI 476 Capstone in Environmental Science, ENVSCI 499 Practicuum, ENVSCI 481 Capstone Independent Study, ENVSCI 498 Honors Independent Study

How Do I Declare a Minor in Environmental Science?

Students interested in declaring a minor in environmental science should complete a declaration form and have the form signed by the Director of Undergraduate Programs in the School for the Environment.  The School for the Environment office is located in Science, 1st Floor, Room 12. 

Program Contact

For more information contact our undergraduate programs coordinator Dr. Elizabeth Boyle (; 1.617.287.4756)

Current and Prospective Students should also visit AASC@SFE to learn more about our Student Success programs, internships, research opportunities, and more.