Professor and student look at geological model on a computer screen in a lab.

Geospatial Analysis and Modeling for the Environment (Minor)

Spatial thinking and the ability to analyze and visualize data through space and time are essential skills in every employment sector. In this minor you gain technical skills in the geospatial fields of remote sensing and geography as well as modeling skills in mathematics and economics. Together, these skills position you to lead in areas where experience in visualization, data modeling, and geospatial analysis is in high demand such as in health care, engineering, biology, computer science, history, anthropology, archaeology and more.

Who Is This Program For?

If you enjoy creating images with data, if you like to work with computers and satellites, if you want to advance quickly in your profession, this minor is for you.

What Courses Do I Take?

You will complete 6 courses, including introductory environmental studies, introduction to GIS, and 3 upper-level electives in the geospatial disciplines as well as an environmental capstone experience.

Program Contact

For more information contact our undergraduate programs coordinator Dr. Elizabeth Boyle (; 1.617.287.4756)

Current and Prospective Students should also visit AASC@SFE to learn more about our Student Success programs, internships, research opportunities, and more.